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Gaslight - Demo

A simulation of a horrifying moment in colonial Australia. · By Brandon Franklin


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Minor Patch to Fix Some Bugs
Hey all! I worked on some bug fixes because there were a few outstanding things I'd neglected for a while. Since this is the last spoiler free release I figured...
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A Stable Pre-Alpha!
Hey all, I didn't quite get what I needed to get done for an IGF submission, but I did get a lot done. I've got basically all of the code done that isn't going...
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Aiming at the IGF
Hello, It's been about a month since the last build was uploaded so that means it's about time for another one. While that may be in the cards soon, I've decide...
Off Hiatus Due To Aggressive Measures
Hello, I got a new build up! With shadows! (and some new assets) So last time I talked about my frustration with some of the new Unity High Def Render Pipeline...
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On Hiatus Due To Technical Issues
So I'm using HD render pipeline from Unity and there's a bug where I just don't have any shadows, lighting is a huge pain to work with and it makes it so I can'...
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