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I got a new build up! With shadows! (and some new assets)

So last time I talked about my frustration with some of the new Unity High Def Render Pipeline. It was annoying and it made it so I couldn't make builds (I think my last one even was missing shadows).

Basically I solved this by exporting a Unity Package into a new project because my assumption was that the issues stemmed from old unity files tied to my project. The project was basically from Unity 5.4. I did a similar thing for moving to 2017 and again to 2018 originally, but the third time is the charm and it seems to be working again now.

One other annoyance is having to do UI work over. The shaders for textmesh pro and the updates to it in 2018 makes t harder to debug and things just break from updates or just from downloading Collaborate file changes sometimes. It results in me debugging that as much as I'm adding new stuff and that kills a lot of work time since I have a day job.

In good news I talked to a voice actress who was interested to join the project and am looking for a texture artist to polish up the visuals a bit. I don't really need LODs or anything since the scope is so small, but things do need to have good texture work so they can be zoomed in on without appearing too fake.

Since I program for my day job I've been neglecting that and focusing more on the art and design side of things but once I get a texture artist there isn't a ton more to do on that front. So I'll have to start grinding out some programming in the afternoons.

Anyways, that's the state of the project and I'll try to keep posting these whenever I do a new build.


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Version 3 Aug 03, 2018

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