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It's been about a month since the last build was uploaded so that means it's about time for another one. While that may be in the cards soon, I've decided to submit this game to the IGF competition! ...which has a deadline at the end of the month...

Trying to get a presentable build, rather than just a functional development build like I've been posting is going to take basically all of my free time this month. I've replaced  all placeholder 3D models in the game I still need to texture everything (which I don't think I can finish by the end of the month), and I need to get the notes / dialogue all written and implemented. I keep going down these rabbit holes of getting as much physics simulation as possible and as many environmental details that are connected and it has slowed progress a bit (but the giraffes I'm adding are important I swear).

I'm not sure how much I should be focusing on polish, but once I get these art assets in this week, I think all that I will be doing is programming and bug fixes to make the experience as smooth and complete as possible. At the end of this process I'll have a very playable version of the game, which would mean I will hit Alpha at that point (meaning all intended features are in).

Another announcement!
Once I have that alpha version submitted to the IGF and onto itch, I'm going to do a round of polish, make sure everything I want is in there in some regard, and then I'll be getting ready to make this game something worth a price. That alpha version will remain free, but all following builds will cost a small amount. As I get things more polished and I add things like voice acting for the two characters, I'll be increasing the cost at milestones.

I appreciate all the support and feedback I've gotten on this game, and keep it coming! I want this game to be as complete and interesting as possible.

Here's a gif of a silly physics bug:

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