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Have you ever been alone at home? The quiet of the house is a little unsettling, that comfortable place now creaking and echoing with every step.

You wake up, barricaded into a room. A different time, a familiar place. Inch your way through the mystery, learning what you can from what’s left behind.


Gaslight: 1850 is a game about learning from a familiar space tainted by recent events. You play as Samantha waking up in her husband’s study having blocked herself in. You need to reason out why so much in your house seems out of place, each objects, each step, and even familiar areas being small clues to the mystery. It’s a silent night in a small coastal town while you alone contend with question after question. But are you alone?


This is an experimental game about giving the player more control over the environment and letting what you learn directly affect the outcome of the experience.

I want every element of the game to be grounded and tactile, trying to let the player indicate what they’re focused on as much as possible. Your character comments on the environment as they reason through the same questions you have, slowly building up a history and a present for this hollow house.

If you enjoy the game as it is now then please join our Discord to keep track of development as it progresses!

Install instructions

Download the zip file.

Right click on the zip and choose to extract.

Open the folder created by unzipping.

Double click the game's .exe file to launch the game.


gaslight1850-win.zip 148 MB
Version 5 Oct 18, 2018

Development log