A Stable Pre-Alpha!

Hey all,

I didn't quite get what I needed to get done for an IGF submission, but I did get a lot done.

I've got basically all of the code done that isn't going to be manually triggered by events. Next up is replacing all the temporary textures I have on everything. Maybe going to add a few more assets that I overlooked or just some things to add to the clutter of the house and make it feel more real. Then I need to make a character model for the player and the one other character (secrets!).

This will be the last spoiler free build, all the rest will have some final dialogue, notes, and item comments so if you're just looking to get a feel for things, this is the build.

Lastly, there are bugs. I counted about 10 when playing for about 3 minutes haha, but this is good, because I can actually notice the small issues instead of constantly realizing things that are just plain missing and need to be added.

The next build will be an alpha with a first pass on everything in there, and should take me about a month, but I may delay the next release for bug fixes because I want it to actually be a decent experience before I throw on the polish like special FX and voice acting.

Thanks for readying, and if you haven't tried it out yet, it'd me a lot to get your feedback!



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Version 4 Oct 13, 2018

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