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This is a small demo I made about a year ago.

Its a simple 3D puzzle game that uses painting the environment as your main mechanic.

Use painting to build out the world that can both change the environment and slowly build up an image of your surroundings.

I just picked this up again because I realized I can make this run way more efficiently. The game currently has long load times (relative to the size of the game) and doesn't work well on lower end machines. With some work I want this game to be a game as well as a platform for users to easily make and share level.

I'd like this to be iterated on as well. Letting people play it and getting feedback will help me a lot because it will show me what people that play it want out of it.

Please give it a try and give me feedback here.

Thanks for reading


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Canvas Demo v.001 13 MB
Canvas Demo v.001 (32Bit) 12 MB


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it crashes my computer everytime i touch the door

but it's good though

sorry about that, it's pretty poorly optimized. I am working on a demo that works a lot more smoothly. So feel free to follow if you want to see it updated! : )

Nice demo, where you inspired by The Unfinished Swan?

It definitely was an inspiration for this proof of concept section. The original inspiration was a conversation I had with a fellow designer about a SpongeBob episode where they paint a room haha.

I got stuck but this was pretty cool!