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Cover surfaces with paint to change the environment and slowly build up an image of your surroundings in this unique puzzle/exploration game.

In the future this game will open up significantly with several open areas that have branches that lead to unique areas. At the moment the 6th area isn't working so that's where the demo ends.

This game is in active development from a small team of me and a programmer. I'd appreciate any feedback you may have so we can make positive adjustments or change the direction of the project.


Feel free to keep track of the project or join the community with the links below!

Link to our discord server for the game's development.

Link to the Trello board we use for organization.

For updates follow me on twitter.


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Dear developer, esc button does not show pause menu. I do not know what to do with ball when i coloured red and green and blue circles. I can not set vsync. Player can not crouch with ctrl button. i can not catch ball.

it crashes my computer everytime i touch the door

but it's good though

sorry about that, it's pretty poorly optimized. I am working on a demo that works a lot more smoothly. So feel free to follow if you want to see it updated! : )


Nice demo, where you inspired by The Unfinished Swan?

It definitely was an inspiration for this proof of concept section. The original inspiration was a conversation I had with a fellow designer about a SpongeBob episode where they paint a room haha.


I got stuck but this was pretty cool!