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To those that previous played the demo I made in school: I'm sorry & please play this new version on the page at the time of this post.

To those just discovering this: Welcome, and thanks for (hopefully) trying the demo.

Just as the original demo from years ago, this game will be about painting the environment. Whats new is that I'm a more experience designer, developer, and I have a dedicated programmer on the team.

We've been working on this in our free time for about 2 months and we reached the point in the demo about 3 weeks ago. There's a lot more we have, but the demo is what we knew would be the last stable for a while. I decided to release this just so people could see how the mechanic works, see what we're going for, and hopefully give us some feedback.

We now know where we're heading with the game and we are working on a full demo that will lead into a full game eventually. That will be a lot more polished, have a lot more guidance, and more variety.

The main factor that is slowing us down is the technical side. I will go into more detail in a future post, but being able to paint on everything in the environment is very unusual for a game and a very hard effect to pull off. So as we try to add more variety, it opens up all new problems that have never been solved before for games.

If you're interested in where the game is going and maybe want to be a part of its future direction, please join out discord to get early updates, information, and be able to directly give us feedback and ideas.

Discord Link:

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Apr 02, 2018

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