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Dear developer, esc button does not show pause menu. I do not know what to do with ball when i coloured red and green and blue circles. I can not set vsync. Player can not crouch with ctrl button. i can not catch ball.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. If you filled them in and you did not hear a "ping noise" that would be why. It just means you need to fill it in a small amount more. It's a bug that it shows it fill in early sometimes.There's a lot more to the game if you get past that though! :]

Crouching is not part of the game, but we will consider adding it. It isn't really mechanically relevant to the game, so we're hesitant to add mechanics that won't be useful.

We'll also consider adding the ability to grab the ball to make it easier to manipulate.

Vsync will come with time, this is just a demo.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

it crashes my computer everytime i touch the door

but it's good though

sorry about that, it's pretty poorly optimized. I am working on a demo that works a lot more smoothly. So feel free to follow if you want to see it updated! : )


Nice demo, where you inspired by The Unfinished Swan?

It definitely was an inspiration for this proof of concept section. The original inspiration was a conversation I had with a fellow designer about a SpongeBob episode where they paint a room haha.


I got stuck but this was pretty cool!